is betting legal in Canada?

New Era of Canada’s Online Betting Has Officially Started

The new dawn of Canada’s sports betting landscape started this Friday when state-run lotteries in several provinces started accepting single-game wagers. Before that, Canadian bettors could only make parlay wagers at provincial lotteries.

That day, bill C-218 came into force, bringing along many changes. Apart from enabling single-game sports betting, the bill will also open the door to online wagering.

Single-Game Sports Betting is Now Available at Provincial Lotteries

C-218 made it possible for individual provinces to regulate sports betting on their own. As a result, some of them jumped on the single-game wagering bandwagon straight away. The Canadian provinces where single-game betting is possible starting this Friday are British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec.

In Ontario, the lottery is launching its ProLine+ online product where players will be able to make single bets on league sports. It’s a similar story when it comes to British Columbia, where single-dame sports betting offerings are now added to the existing online gaming platform.

What’s Next for Sports Betting in Canada?

Ontario’s lottery has launched its online betting platform, but it seems unlikely the state-run sportsbook will be the only one operating in the province. Rather than letting the lottery have the monopoly over the market, the province officials are planning to allow any operator to compete for the sportsbook license.

The most populous Canadian province, however, still hasn’t finished its job regarding regulatory standards. However, as soon as new regulations are in place, Ontario will expand its sports betting offerings. Right now, there are 24 gaming venues in the province, which will be able to launch its sportsbook products as soon as the new laws come into force.

Over in Alberta, regulators are looking into the possibility of creating a sports betting landscape similar to the one in the US. What this means is that Alberta’s retail casinos might need to partner up with providers of online betting services in order to get a license.

Meanwhile, in Saskatchewan, the online sports betting authority is now the official business of the Indian Gaming Authority. They’re the ones who will decide which step to take next. At the moment, it seems most likely that they will opt for the model involving tribal casinos teaming up with commercial sportsbooks.

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